Dear LEHYC Members,


Thank you very much for tuning in to the Virtual 108th Commissioning of the Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club.  We had over 400 viewers on Zoom and over 500 'hits' on Facebook - very close to the number who typically attend our 'live' Club Opening ceremonies. There were a few comments from members who thought we were actually on the Front Dock! The virtual background worked!   


I would like to thank the stage crew again. Major credit goes to Ben Condon, Atlee Van Saun, Hayley Graham, and Denick Herrin. Their skills and enthusiasm made the presentation fun and the rest of us look good! Without their combined talents, it would have been very challenging to have a Virtual Commissioning! 

The "cast" included Fleet Captain Tom Masterson, Fleet Chaplain Bob Stevens, Rear Commodore Caroline Flagler, Vice Commodore Bob Kiep and wife Sigrid Kiep, and Commodore Laura Darling. The Rev. Dr. Caroline Carson provided a beautiful blessing to grace our Summer season. The Flag Ceremony included Derek Stoldt as the announcer, with Xavier Stoldt, Aidan Millar, Club Steward Joe Ryan and Assistant Stewards Shjon Houser, Brandon Gildea, and Brian Kilcommons manning the cannon and raising the flags. The O'Neill family sang the National Anthem exquisitely. The touching Memorial segment was possible thanks to John Haig with daughters, Emily and Dana. 


For those of you who missed the 108th Commissioning here is the link!  Enjoy!




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