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Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club LEHYC COVID-19 UPDATES


May 20, 2020

Tennis Note to Membership                                 Tennis Playing Rules 


May 1, 2020 

Dear LEHYC Members:

I thought the membership might be wondering "are we as a Club 'safe' financially". The attached message speaks about LEHYC'S financial position.

Recently, there have been hopeful announcements from the Governor about opening our economy, parks, etc.   Let's hope we keep trending back to normal, even if it is a new normal.

All the best,

Laura Darling

Hello friends and fellow Club members:

It has occurred to me in these very interesting times that more than a few of you might be wondering "are we as a Club 'safe' financially?" The short answer is "yes." As it turns out, our particular model in how we run ourselves as a Club is sort of unique and ironically turns out to be perhaps the best model possible in a pandemic. This was not by design, of course, as no one really saw the pandemic coming, but is a reflection of our more than a century history as a Club and judgments and precedents made years if not decades ago as to "how we do things" by our prior Club leaders. Thank goodness for them and for their wisdom!

We do not have a bar, so there was none to shut down and no loss of liquor sales revenue, on which we undoubtedly would have grown dependent. We do not have a restaurant, and so we have no loss of food revenue, nor the attendant personnel issues were we to have been forced to furlough or lay off preparing and serving employees. We do not have a gas dock and so are unaffected by oil prices being inverted. We are not dependent on lavish weddings or similar social events for revenue. We have no mortgages or loans at all. We have NONE of those problems. My point, to be clear, is NOT that we are smarter than other Clubs with different models and histories (we are not, and they are assuredly our good friends), but my point IS that, as it turns out, how we "run things" allows us to deal with the present Club pandemic issues, which are substantial and novel enough on their own, WITHOUT being driven or channeled towards certain actions or points of view because of financial pressures. Our own model, in which we count primarily on OURSELVES with respect to herculean volunteerism, and run our "base" operations with a small group of talented and dedicated full-time employees, allows us to now simply function largely as planned so long as our members pay their dues and slip fees when due, which (and this is a credit to the high character of our members) has simply not been a problem for us as this Spring will soon turn to Summer.

In anticipation of one question some of you might have, our wonderful summer social events (which we will miss dearly if and as we cannot have them, none more than me in my final Commodore year!), are largely self-funding (meaning we largely pay for them, one by one, with our a la carte purchase of tickets for them as the season progresses), so the lack of a few or more of them, although a real kick to morale, does not harm us financially to any significant extent.

So, simply note that, as we all face our other personal and family very many new and real worries, the overall financial health of the Club is in good order. And, when you have the chance, make sure to tell our employees and Committee heads and members how much you appreciate all of their efforts on behalf of all of us. As was the case with Superstorm Sandy not that long ago, everyone once again is "stepping up" in a big way. Most clichés of course are based on underpinnings of truth, even when repeated ad nauseum, but, with all of our continued efforts and intentional good faith to ourselves and our employees, we will get through all of this together, and better times are not that far ahead of us.

Best always,

Laura Darling Commodore

April 24, 2020 

A Letter from the Commodore

Dear LEHYC Members,

As we enter a COVID-19 critical planning period, we want to keep our membership informed. Please find below a recap of all that our Club leadership has been working on to keep our membership, staff and community safe.

This past weekend, we held our April Trustees' Meeting.  For the first time in LEHYC history, it was a virtual meeting with over 40 attendees.  The agenda  focused entirely on COVID-19 considerations and the summer ahead.

In order to prepare for the 2020 season, the Trustees formulated an Ad Hoc COVID-19 Committee.  The Committee will meet weekly to stay on top of the ever-changing situation.  Members of the Committee are the Flag Officers (Laura Darling, Bob Kiep, Caroline Flagler, Scott Lowry and Denick Herrin), House & Property Chair Henry Vare, Finance Co-Chairs Tom Cox and Derek Stoldt, Senior Trustee Kevin McGlynn and Jr. Sailing Liaison Mike Reynolds.

Governor's Murphy's Executive Order #107 declares that all NJ social clubs will remain closed until further notice.  As such, the LEHYC Clubhouse, the Molly, the Pavilion, the barn, all bathrooms, tennis/pickleball courts, and the bocce court will remain closed until further notice.  Although walking through the grounds is permitted, no one shall congregate on the property until further updates from the State of New Jersey. 

As of May 1st the LEHYC marina will be open to LEHYC slip holders and boat owners.  This week Governor Murphy, along with the CT and NY Governors, announced private marinas are allowed to be open. Slip holders may launch their boats and any boats in winter storage on our property may be worked on by the owners. Strict COVID-19 polices are in effect and must be adhered to. These policies are in addition to all the previously existing rules and regulations for usage of our docks and grounds.  Attached here is the link to the Marina update. 

The Opening Commissioning Ceremony and Reception is cancelled…or not really cancelled. Plans are in the works for a 'live' virtual Opening; same date, same time.  Stay tuned.  As in everything this summer, life will be different.  We have to embrace the change with a smile and a bit of creativity.  As of this printing, all May events are cancelled.  June events will be decided on throughout May as we monitor the COVID-19 situation.

The traditional calendar will not be printed.  It seems silly to print a calendar that will be totally inaccurate from the start.  Instead an electronic calendar – that can be printed - will be available online.  We will update the electronic calendar weekly and it will reflect changes in real time.   Eggstras will provide weekly communications and the Egg Beater will continue to recap the activities of the Club.  The COVID-19 Updates logo will be used for more urgent messages.  Our Communication Committee is also developing a mobile app that can push messages to our membership in real time.   We understand that by not printing the calendar, we will not have the historical collection of 2019 summer pictures and other Club listings usually printed in the calendar.  We are considering ways to share these memories. Stay tuned.

Junior Sailing and Scrambled Egg registrations are open.  It is vitally important that you register if these programs are in your summer plans.  We understand change may happen, but we need to plan for all possibilities.  If the program changes, or is cancelled, refunds will happen.  No fear in registering. If it helps with your decision, yacht clubs with a Junior Sailing Program from Maine to Florida and from California to NJ are planning their programs exactly the same way; planning for the best scenario and preparing for changes.

Even though the Clubhouse and grounds are closed, we are preparing for the Club to be opened as soon as state mandates are relaxed or lifted.   Our office staff, Eileen and Ruth, will work from home until further notice.  Signage will be placed on the office door indicating the office is closed; however, both Eileen and Ruth will be available by phone during normal working hours.  Office hours and contact phone numbers are on the signage.  We are working with our Steward, Joe Ryan, to make sure his work environment is safe.  The Steward shop will be restricted to Joe and his staff.  Masks will be required.  We are following the CDC guidance on preparing an employee-safe, physical distanced workspace.

I also think it is worth noting that no yacht club is dealing with the impact of COVID-19 alone.  I have been on national calls with over 600 yacht club representatives discussing best practices.  I've participated in BBYRA, NJYRA and LBI Yacht Club Commodore Zoom meetings discussing Junior Sailing Programs, Senior Sailing, finance, adjusting club calendars, and how our community of yacht clubs is meeting the challenges of COVID-19.  Doctors, lawyers, assemblymen, and mayors are all chiming in as we decide how best to stay healthy and enjoy our summer season.

In closing, we can be certain the summer of 2020 will be different. A good friend of the Darlings wrote in his daily blog,  "We nervously step forward into the unknown—with a bar of soap (antibacterial) , common sense in our pockets, grace in our hearts, courage running through our spine..... and the tenacious hope that God will show up repeatedly and unexpectedly."

I look forward to seeing, in some capacity, our membership this summer.  Embrace the change and let's make the best of what lies ahead.  Thanks to all for your support and always feel free to contact me if there is something you would like to discuss.

Be well,

Laura Darling

April 24, 2020 

Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club

Marina Update

April 18, 2020 Announcement from the Governor Murphy's office:   "The governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut said Saturday that they're working together to allow marinas, boatyards and marine manufacturers to open to cater to personal use in each of the three states."

In the joint statementthe Governors' Offices stated that marinas and other facilities would be allowed to open "as long as strict social distancing and sanitization protocols are followed."

To LEHYC Boat Owners:

I hope each and every one of you is healthy and safe during these uncertain times. The last few weeks have been difficult, however we are already seeing positive signs. The Mandate from the State to safely distance ourselves from friends and family that are not living in your home is making a difference in the loss of life and length of time this period of quarantine will last. I think we all agree that it is important to continue to follow this path.  As mandates are relaxed, we will need to be extra mindful to maintain physical distance and wear protective masks where required.

While the announcement by Governor Murphy permits the opening of our marina and this Update is a step in doing so, Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club does not encourage or condone violation of any government directive, including directives to shelter in place and/or forbidding non-essential travel.  Our Clubhouse, bathrooms, bocce and tennis/pickleball courts, water fountains and ice machine will remain closed until further notice.

On April 22nd, the Board of Trustees created an Ad Hoc COVID-19 Committee consisting of the Flag Officers (Laura Darling, Bob Kiep, Caroline Flagler, Scott Lowry and Denick Herrin), House & Property Chair Henry Vare, Finance Co-Chairs Tom Cox and Derek Stoldt, Senior Trustee Kevin McGlynn and Jr. Sailing Liaison, Mike Reynolds. The Trustees authorized the Committee to design and implement policies and procedures to protect our employees and members, and to open the Club docks, boat basin and boat yard once those policies and procedures are in place. This Update includes the current policies and procedures put in place by the Ad Hoc Committee. These policies and procedures are subject to change at any time as circumstances may require.

LEHYC boat owners may occupy their slips or bring their dry sailboats to the Club after May 1st subject to the following requirements.


In order to launch your boat, you must do the following:

·        STEP ONE - AGREE TO THE COVID-19 POLICIES: You must e-mail to acknowledge you have reviewed the COVID-19 policies and that you agree to comply with them.  That e-mail will constitute a binding agreement by you to comply with the policies set forth in this letter, as such policies may be amended and revised by the Club from time to time.

·        STEP TWO: MAKE A RESERVATION WITH JOE BY TEXT OR PHONE:  You must make an appointment with our steward, Joe Ryan, prior to occupying your slip or bringing your boat to the yard. Call or text 609-290-6376 and Joe will get back to you with an approved date and time to bring your boat.


The following Policies are currently in effect and must be adhered to. These Policies are in addition to all previously existing rules regulating usage of our docks and grounds:

·        Social and Physical distancing as defined and required by state mandates must be strictly adhered to.

·        Club employees are not permitted to assist you with docking.  Please have someone allowable (someone with whom you are quarantined) to help with setting up your dock lines.

·        You may work on your boat only if you are working alone or with persons with whom you are isolated or quarantined.

·        Outside marine mechanics and contractors are welcome at LEHYC for boat repairs and maintenance; however, they must schedule access time with the Club Steward. Any marine mechanics or contractors must abide by all applicable rules and regulations.

·        If a boat owner or contractor is working on a boat immediately next to yours, please be very mindful of social distancing or, better yet, choose a different time to work on yours.

·        DO NOT occupy your slip unless you will be around to care for your boat.  Your boat is not the responsibility of the Club or its staff, and at this time, there are not many members around the Club to offer a watchful eye.


·        We remind you that the Club's Boat Slip Lease Agreement includes a waiver by each slip holder of claims against the Club, as well as an obligation to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Club from losses, damages and other liabilities. That agreement also requires you to maintain a minimum level of insurance.  The Boat Slip Agreement continues to apply in all regards.  All boat owners who launch their boats much comply with such terms as if they are party to a slip lease agreement.

·        If you go boating, it must be only with persons with whom you are isolated or quarantined.  No others may be on the boat with you.

·        It is requested that no one post your boating experience on social media.  We want to be mindful of the optics.

·        These Policies may be revised from time to time and the current version of the Policies shall apply.  Please see for the current policies.

I want to be clear that the COVID-19 situation and the availability of our facility can change at any time based on governmental directives and other circumstances.  If club marinas are found to be out of compliance with the State directives and CDC guidelines, we are all at risk of losing the use of these facilities.

More importantly, we do not want to put anyone from our families, our Club or our community at risk. It is imperative that we all abide by the social/physical distance rules, and do not share our boats with anyone other than those with whom we are quarantined. Any member found to be violating any of these rules intended to limit the spread of COVID-19 will be subject to disciplinary action.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help us comply with the Governor's public health orders. If you have any questions, contact me.

Be well,

Laura Darling


April 20, 2020 

To LEHYC members from Beach Haven Mayor Nancy Davis,

This certainly has been a devastating time for all of us. I am aware members and their families are weathering the COVID-19 storm in their second homes on LBI, and I know lots of you feel safer here, away from the more populated areas.

We welcome you in Beach Haven, and I know you are Conscientiously following the quarantine protocol.

When you look at the statistics related to the pandemic, they illustrate that quarantining does work.  Presently we have had 32 documented cases of COVID-19 on LBI and 5 in Beach Haven. This is dramatic when you compare it to Lakewood which has 1263 cases. As of Friday there is a total of 4432 cases in Ocean County. The cases in the north of Ocean County are escalating at a very rapid rate whereas in Beach Haven, they have remained at five for the last two weeks.

If you decide to live in your homes on the island, I suggest that you quarantine yourselves for 14 days before utilizing the streets, beaches and local stores. We have put a ban on the beaches for non-residents.  We are asking the residents to carry their emergency Plaques with them on the beach. I also signed a proclamation banning sporting activities on the beach which includes surfing and fishing.

At the moment, we are not enforcing these regulations, but we can enforce them if we think it is necessary. So go fish, but do it in a solitary manner. Try not to bring attention to yourself.

A lot of people have called me regarding the emergency Plaques. Everybody was sent a plaque, which is made to hang on the mirror of your car, in January. Many folks have called me saying that they didn't get theirs or they can't find it. At the moment we cannot issue you a new one. Please do not ask. Our emergency management team is working overtime. Our ordinance states that we will not issue a new plaque during an emergency.  You do not need a plaque to get on the island and nobody is checking the beaches at the moment. If you have an old plaque and a tax bill, those items will be honored.

I spent most of today talking to the head of the southern ocean counter county chamber of commerce as well as many restaurant owners. We do not know when restaurants will be open for business other than takeout, but we do know there will be restrictions on the seating capacity etc. New Jersey has the second highest number of coronavirus cases, so I expect we will be one of the last states to allow restaurants to open. The chamber's website is updated every day to let you know what restaurants are offering takeout and what sort of online activities are available. The chamber will have up-to-date information on restaurant openings when they occur. Don't expect things to be the way they were last summer, but hopefully we will have a fun and productive summer.

Feel free to contact me by phone, text or email. I'm open to new ideas, and I have a lot more information that you might be interested in.

I'm trying to start a clap across Beach Haven activity every night at 5 o'clock when the Holy Innocents Church chimes play across town. We need to have more connectedness. Look on the Facebook page called "Visit Beach Haven" for more information. There's a link to that page on the municipal website. Any help with this would be appreciated.

We are all in this together!

Nancy Taggart Davis 


April 10, 2020

A Message from our LEHYC Fleet Surgeon, Rob Rosenbaum

I have an ongoing role in Delaware as an Emergency Physician in our largest hospital caring for some of the COVID patients being treated in our state. I also have a role with the State Division of Public Health working on EMS and Hospital Preparedness at our State Health Operations Center.  I know many of you are in areas that have been severely impacted by COVID and all of us have questions about the disease itself and what will follow.  As we continue to address the COVID pandemic, the Commodore and I have been in contact and we wanted to share correspondence with you from earlier today:

Governor Murphy has taken a solid approach in my estimation and his efforts to limit contact are prudent. While there are some indications of progress, we are a LONG way from a solution and resolution of the current events.  I believe most states in the region have established May 15th as a minimum closure date and I don't see any change to expect that would end sooner.  The Philadelphia area was identified as a potential "hot spot" yesterday and this includes Camden (as well as Wilmington) so Southern NJ would be affected.  With ongoing cases in northern portions of the state, a surge in Southern NJ would tax resources and would most likely result in further mandatory closures and extensions of the timeline.  The next 7-10 days will be very telling for the Philadelphia area. 

Your guidance on emails has communicated clear and correct information.  The difficulty here is that everyone is hopeful that a "peak" equals an "end" and unfortunately, the two are far from synonymous.   Areas that are showing excellent public health leadership are expressing cautious plans for slow, deliberate and very gradual resumption of activities.  So far, PA, NY, NJ and DE are aggressively maintaining their policies and I do not expect them to be too hasty to lift restrictions.

  • Limitations on indoor gatherings and crowded outdoor gatherings.
  • Recommendations for those who are vulnerable to avoid risk by continuing their social distancing.
  • This would likely include our older members, those with chronic lung or heart conditions, those who are immune compromised or on chemotherapy or other major medical issues. 
  • Ongoing guidance for people with any illness to avoid social situations, self-isolate from work and monitor for worsening symptom.
  • A recurrent outbreak is a significant concern and will be a limitation before "return to normal".

Earliest resumed activities will likely be outdoors with natural social distancing so beaches, parks, sports activities, etc. may be opened before restaurants, indoor club venues, etc.

I hope this guidance is useful in your planning bearing in mind that this is speculation for what will follow May 15th and makes the presumption that cases, hospitalizations and severity of illness begins to improve in the coming 2 weeks.  I'm happy to stay in the loop with all of you and appreciate you contacting me.  Let me know where I else I can be of assistance.


Rob Rosenbaum


Welcome to LEHYC's COVID-19 Update page.  As new information becomes available or changes occur, we will use this platform to communicate the status of the LEHYC clubhouse, property and programming.  

April 2, 2020

Message from the Commodore:   

Together we are facing an unprecedented time and I want you to know the LEHYC leadership is here to support you, our members, the sailing community and our community-at-large.  Our Committee Chairs, using the current mandates and guidelines, are reviewing their areas of responsibility to determine if Club usage and programs will be delayed, postponed or creatively altered.  

Our Trustees will be meeting virtually on April 18th.. I will share with you additional decisions made at that time as we move through these uncharted waters.  

Here are answers to questions you may have:

  1. The State and Federal mandates and guidelines have been extended until April 30th. The Club will remain closed until the isolation orders have been lifted.  This includes docks, slips, tennis courts and bathrooms.   

  1. The Kentucky Derby Happy Hour scheduled for May 2 is cancelled.

  1. The Annual Club Clean Up scheduled for May 2 is still planned.  We are asking participants to register so we can monitor the count.  The main chores are mulching and pruning and so we anticipate it will be easy to keep the 6' or greater social distance space.   If this event gets canceled, it will be posted here on the COVID-19 Updates page.  

  1. The Club Opening scheduled for May 23rd is still planned.  We are discussing alternative plans just in case.  More to come. 

  1. Junior Sailing (start date June 22nd)  and Scrambled Eggs (start date June 22th) are still scheduled as planned. The Parent Coordinators are working with the Flag Officers to monitor the continuing developments with the COVID-19 State/Federal mandates and guidelines and how they will affect the programs. Should any changes need to be made to the programs, we will communicate as needed.  Please note registration is open and it is important that families who plan to participate MUST register so we can plan appropriately. If the programs are cancelled, families will not be charged.

  1. Programs and activities will be cancelled in order of occurrence.   The status of additional May/June events will be updated after the April 18th Trustees' Meeting.

If you have any questions regarding LEHYC Summer 2020, please email Laura Darling at  or call 609-304-8686.