Guest Policy

Members are encouraged to bring friends and family to the Club in concurrence with the Club By-laws and policy. The guest policy is designed to introduce the club to those who may be interested in future membership and those visiting as friends or house guests. All policies pertaining to guests apply during the club season. The By-laws under Article VIII, section 6 state that the club season is June 1 to October 1.

The guest policy does not pertain to the following:

  1. Inactive members who have specific guidelines governing club usage.
  2. Former members who have been severed not in good standing.

Guest fees are established by club policy.



There are three types of guests.

  1. Event/activity Guest - This guest may use the club 4 times for an event or activity during the club season.
  2. Two Week Guest - At the request of any member in any class of membership upon his payment of the guest fee established by the Trustees, the Treasurer may issue a guest Card for a maximum of two weeks to a non-member and his family who are not regular summer residents. This card provides the guest and his or her family the same privileges as an active member. This is stated in the by-laws Article XIII, sec. 1.
  3. Yacht Guests - Visiting yachts flying the burgee of a yacht club recognized by the Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club, and with members of such club on board, together with their on board guests, may be granted guest privileges for one week, or seven days not necessarily consecutive, during a calendar year. This is stated in By-laws Article XIII, sec 2.

These limitations of maximum usage do not apply to individuals accompanying unmarried or separated members. No guest may compete for silver or vote.

Over use and/or abuse of the member’s guest privileges by an individual or member may result in action by the Flag Officers or the Disciplinary Committee to correct the situation.

Guest Policy was approved by the Trustees on July 27, 2002