September 13, 2021 

Thanks to everyone for their participation this year in bocce. It was an especially exciting and competitive year with the addition of so many new faces on the court!!!

The Graye League final game was between Hook/Miller vs Birkelund/Starr with a win for Hook/Miller. The Breen League had a final game between D'Altrui/Bottitta and the ultimate champions Ancey/ Avolio!!!

Congratulations to Jim Ancey and Rob Avolio on another outstanding win for the bocce season 2021. This year the competition was doubled with 32 teams and two leagues.

A new and special award for sportsmanship in bocce was awarded in honor of Frank B. Reilly by the Reilly  family this year. Congratulations to Jake Turner as the first recipient of this very special award.

Hope to see everyone next summer back on the bocce court ... have a safe and healthy winter.

The Bocce Committee